Tokyo, Japan

24 hours of madness.


KANDADA/project collective.028 Mitsunori Sakano "BEEP DEEP BEEP" 2007 - KANDADA / project collective.028 Mitsunori Sakano "BEEP DEEP BEEP" 2007. Picture kindly provided by Kandada / CommanN

Multiple-cultural juxtapositions are politely and sometimes violently collaged in this homogeneous society. Basic info about Tokyo can be found on wikipedia or find official information about the city on Metro Tokyo. Check out the latest tourism information at Tourism Metro, and for the best travel deals, we suggest Tokyo Essentials.

Since you are planning your tour around arts and culture, visit City Vacations or Timeout online. Relax and navigate through images of Tokyo at Photopass Japan to immerse your eyes into this incredible Asian culture before you even get there.

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