Mediamatic Magazine Vol. 8#2/3 Jouke Kleerebezem, Geert-Jan Strengholt 1 Jan 1995

Welcome to MediaMOO

MediaMOO is a professional community, where people come to explore the future of media technology.

The operators of MediaMOO have provided the materials for the buildings of this community, but are not responsible for what is said or done in them. In particular, you must assume responsibility if you permit minors or others to access mediaMOO through your facilities. The statements and viewpoints expressed here are not necessarily those of the janitors, Amy Bruckman, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and those parties disclaim any responsibility for them.

‘connect <character-name> <password>’ to connect to your character,
‘connect Guest’ to connect to a guest character,
‘help @request’ for information on how to get your own character,
‘@quit’ to disconnect, either now or later.

Connect mediamatic jans
you are almost to MediaMOO, inside fiber optic cable. Type OUT to get to the Media Lab or COMMON to get to Curtis Common.
Obvious exits: out to the E&L Garden, common to Curtis Common, salon The NI Salon, and down to

There’s a new edition of the newspaper. Type ‘news’ to see it.

MediaMOO is a professional community for media researchers.
Please type “help purpose”

You head for Curtis Common…
Curtis Common


MediaMOO -

Jouke, Geert-Jan and Mediamatic are standing here.
You see fountain, BLUEPRINT#2, A sign announcing help via paging… READ THIS, Santa, Santa’s list, invitation, and purple frisbee are here.

Geert-Jan reads the media graffiti on Fountain…

Jouke asks, “3 weeks though?”
Geert-Jan says, “yes, we have a January ‘interim’ period between semesters..”
Geert-Jan says, “we meet 4 hours a day”..”
Jouke says, “ahh”
Jouke must do his expense reports….
Jouke, “II am already”
Jouke sighs
Geert-Jan greets Mediamatic…
Geert-Jan tosses purple Frisbee into Fountain…
… the fountain waters slosh about after purple frisbee’s entry…


MediaMOO players -