Mediamatic Magazine Vol. 7#2 Geert Lovink 1 Jan 1993


Andreas Müller-Pohle, European Photography Vilém Flusser Issue, European Photography, Göttingen 1992

The fiftieth issue of this West German periodical is devoted to the philosopher Vilém Flusser, who died in an automobile accident in November 1991. Until now, Flusser's writings have been known only to speakers of German, but this will soon change.

His Towards a Philosophy of Photography has already been published in seven languages (and is soon to be published in Chinese and Turkish). European Photography contains a small biography of Flusser, an
article by Florian Rötzer about Notations of Transition, a list of key words and definitions from Flusser's work and some recent articles and interviews.

Arch + III and Kunstforum 117 are also devoted to Flusser. In March and December 1992, congresses were held in Prague and Strassbourg. Friends of Flusser's have decided to establish the network Suppose/Angenommen to insure Flusser's contribution of a dynamic continuance. A Flusser archive has been founded in the Hague, Holland and two newsletters have appeared. Publication of quite a few new works by Flusser is expected in 1993.

Those interested may visit the archive and become a member of the network:

Ridderlaan 59,
2569 PG The Hague
tel: +31 70 324 4953,
fax: +31 70 328 2708.