Ch ch ch changes

The exhibition 'Ch Ch Ch Changes' presents work by seven artists who recently, in the summer of 2007, graduated from art academies in the Netherlands and Belgium. The theme refers to a long succession of transformation myths, to which the artists' work relates. Chameleon and master identity switching David Bowie demonstrates a double-faced attitude to change in the song 'Changes'. And the works in the exhibition also appear to long for the emancipating power of change, while being simultaneously weighed down by an underlying fear of the unknown.

Opening: Friday Nov 23 19.00u - 23.00u


levi van veluw -

Through the medium of drawing, existing objects and by taking the human body as a point of departure, the artist bring new creatures alive, still smouldering from their recently endured metamorphosis. With this, they are joining a cycle of change and reinvention.