1 Jan 2005

What are the Issues Covered

@ the Interactive Narration Workshops?

In each Workshop we view the Possibilities and Difficulties surrounding Interactive Narration from the Perspective of the Participants' Discipline.


* , Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing - interactive documentary 2004: What is Life like in the Ghetho? Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing spent the whole of August 2004 in a social housing project in Bremen-Nord.


Theatre and interactive narration raise questions like: how can the performative character of interactive narratives be integrated in a theatrical context? Can we create new interesting postions for the audience? What does it mean to replace a set order of material with a number of possibilities the viewer may choose from?


Interactive narration and film workshops look at the role of the audience: what does it mean to have an active user instead of a passive viewer? How do you create tension in a nonlinear narrative? How can you integrate the users' choices in a meaningful way?

Interactive narration appears especially relevant for documentary filmmakers for several reasons: the natural possibility to offer different perspectives on the same themes/issues parallel to eachother, but also the possibility to allow the viewer to enter into an actual discussion with the perspectives of the author.


The digitisation of radio changes the experience of the listener. Digital radio doesn't consist of a wave modulating the ether, it is a file being sent to the listener. This file can be saved and manipulated by the recipient.

These characteristics do not only influence the way radio is distributed, they allow new ways to collaborate and they also make new, exciting forms of storytelling possible.

These forms will be explored in the interactive narration workshop.The participants will create their own interactive story using the Korsakow System. No specific technical skills are required for participation in this workshop, technical assistants will be present throughout the sessions.