cristiana freitas bolli

I work as an Art Director for companies
I'm a design facilitator.

My bread and butter?
Find passionate complex design challenges, everywhere!
re-inventing boring communication campaigns: innovation, giving a heart and soul to LIFTconference: concept and development, creating a bridge with Korean new media artists and Swiss typography: talented oriented, making crazy ideas come true to top managers and powerful board members around Europe: experience, Mixing Art to business, founding a publishing house - still using paper - connecting Art to scientific research: crasy,strange,beauty.

Background: 4 years at écal in switzerland (universty of design-degree) + 1 year master in new media-diploma, 2 years Business University in Brazil (nobody knows the name-Candido Mendes University) and leaderships seminars with Novartis and UBS. 10 years experience in design management and artistic direction for companies and projects at

côté privé: I'm a cultural mix from Ipanema, Brazil, traditionnal coffe farms from Sao Paulo and Swiss chocolate. Soo exotic!! My life is in Switzerland for the moment, where my two kids are growing.