PiNKiNKi -

An Amsterdamsel who's not in distress, but always up for an adventurous rescue attempt - and inspiration for the next plot twist.

Amsterdandi is a writer and editor afloat on her woonboot sprouting an eco grass roof and holding an incredibly large book collection for such a small space. She is a recovering Texan with nomadic tendencies, whose wanderlust (and career) has led her to epic living in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, New York, Nantucket and, last but never least, the Lone Star State. She dearly loves the state of Texas (it's a state of mind, really), but she considers that a harmless perversion on her part and only discusses it with consenting adults. This Piratessa aboard her Ship of Fools is often asked where she considers "home." She almost always replies without hesitation: "Home is where my house tiger Esmé and my books reside."

Contact information

  • amsterdamsel
  • Woonboot
  • 1016HX
  • Amsterdam
  • NL