Timo Dan Arnall, Einar Sneve Martinussen, Jørn Knutsen, Anne Helmond

Photos & connections

Take a photo, make a connection...

A photo booth that encourages people to take photos of themselves with others. By touching tags to a number of interaction points (perhaps 3 or 4) a photo is taken, a connection is made, and profile pictures are added to the picnic website.

Writeup here: www.nearfield.org/2008/08/picnic-rfid-photo-booth


Sketch5.jpg - Preliminary setup and instructions.

Outside Instructions

- Invite your friends (the more the merrier)
- Adjust your hair
- Wave your tags / badges on the red spot
- Smile

Inside Instructions

- Place all your tags / badges here


We want to send the photos to a Flickr username and pool, tagged with people's names so that we can use Flickr as a image-repository, create visualisations, slideshows etc.

Open questions

What kind of camera? A digital stills camera would be good, perhaps using capture: capture.sourceforge.net/ If we need to use a webcam something like this: astore.amazon.com/eyejot-20/detail/B000O0M5EA

What does the soft-box look like?
Lighting? Ring-flash
Programming - RFID:API
Using the fablab to cut vinyl letters/icons on Wednesday?

Technical stuff

Two Macbooks
Two screens
Two to four RFID readers
USB cables
Webcam: Creative Live! Cam Optia AF From Creative Labs: astore.amazon.com/eyejot-20/detail/B000O0M5EA

Physical stuff needed

MDF sheets 12mm
2x4 structure and brackets
Fake grass or upholstery
Torx screws
Torx bit
Circular saw?
Powerful drill
Rope-light or fluorescent lights or bulbs+ fittings or switch and relay