Mediamatic Off-Line Vol. 11#2 Inge Willems

Burn / The Kiss

Outdoor projections by Yariv Alter Fin

During the dark days that surrounded Christmas and New Year's in 2003, Yariv Alter Fin showed two video works as an Outdoor Projection at the Mediamatic Screen.

1. Burn: a loop of a large burning candle, subjected to whimsical winds. Several times the flame almost dies out, but in the end perseveres anyway. Burn symbolizes the vulnerable human soul. 2. The Kiss: a video with two mouths and tongues in an intimate embrace. Fleshy, warm, intimate and close. The loss of loneliness through the sincere touch of another, a physical image that is recognisable to everyone.

[Quotes from an interview with Yariv Alter Fin, summer 2004]

Food for the soul

I am a spiritual, religious person, but I am not keeping myself to one direction or religion. My Judaism is very important to me, my Christianity even more so and lately I have been investigating Buddhism as well. My idea is that in essence, all religion is equal. Instead of countering each other, they should become one. Even though I know that something like that is not going to happen during my lifetime, I try to use my work to take small steps toward the brotherhood of mankind, the welding of ideologies, convictions and religions. I make food for the soul.

Room to waver

I was born in Israel. I left the country when I was 20, because I felt trapped. Everything there is focused on the outside, you are continuously forced to choose sides. Every day a real and immediate problem forces you to choose. I couldn't, because the choice were not so simple to me. There was no space for rest, grey, contemplation or silence. There is so much noise, I couldn't even hear my own thoughts. In Amsterdam this is possible.

Art is made by the alone for the alone

These last years I work mostly for my website. That is for me the ultimate public space, everyone has access. At the same time I often think of the saying art is made by the alone for the alone of Luis Barragán. That covers net art even more than other arts. But because of that solitude a certain form of intimacy can grow.

I find that an interesting fact.

Visual philosopher

Besides religion I am mainly inspired by philosophy, that teaches me to look back, so step back from the fuzz of the day and look at the larger lines of the picture. Even expansive language is a problem: I am a bit dyslectic and have problems reading long texts and especially writing them. That is why I prefer working with short texts and images. The Chinese say that one image is worth a thousand words. So I do make language, but then with image. I feel like a visual philosopher.

A task from above

In my art self expression is not enough. Bringing the inside out and getting to know yourself like that is what I find important. Understanding of what you have been through, what has formed you. Each human should do that, it makes the world a better place.

Sometimes there are breakthroughs. Suddenly you understand why your whole perception is changing. The visions, the breakthrough moments, that is what I want to catch, transforming them to images and showing them to the world. I find it my responsibility as an artist to share the precious things I come across. That is my mission, my task from above.

If you'd like to quote something: Willems, Inge. "Burn / The Kiss." Mediamatic Off-Line vol. 11 # 2 (2006).

Translation: Nadya Peek