Takako Hamano

Takako Hamano




Growing up in the metropolis of Tokyo, Takako always longed for the summers she spent in rural Japan.

In her current artistic practise, she is still (re)searching what her 6-year-old self was missing: the all-encompassing spirit of nature, its interconnectedness to all, and the profoundly mythical and mysterious life on Shikoku Island.


In her drawings, books, and animations as well as in her soundscapes and spatial work, Takako tries to capture these profound ponderings of talking trees, laughing mountains, and being deceived by a racoon dog. Her work gives us a glimpse of this fascinating world where everything is (inter)connected.


One way of connecting the various worlds of Takako, is her direct link to Nirono village on Shikoku Island, where she initiated the sustainable project Circular Niro. EatArt Experience supports this project, enabling a connection to rural Japan

During the Japanese knotweed festival, Takako is working alongside Uno Fujisawa to create a EatArt experience. Read more about it here.