Second Life - The Invasion of the Bacteria

A lecture by Matt Biddulph

22 Feb 2007

Matt Biddulph was contracted by the renown scientific journal Nature.com to build gigantic bacteria in Second Life. He held a lecture on his results on this evening at Mediamatic.


An Ideal Knot at Mediamatic -

About Matt Biddulph

He managed to render island-sized bacteria so that scientists can walk around on their own cellular models during their free time.

Matt Biddulph's previous projects have included applications to remind you to go to concerts and database browsers for the BBC. After talking about Second Life, he might digress into talking about the new Bluetooth Arduino I/O board, and show us some of the experiments he has done with this.

After the lecture,everyone was welcome for the DIY sushi dinner and a heart to heart talk with the avatars of the Girlfriend Experience.

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