Willem Velthoven

How to make drawings with the Prophet Muhammad

Stay-out-of-trouble tips for the ignorant Cartoonist...

It's not so difficult to avoid making images of Muhammad and still have clear and effective visual communication.


The Prophet ridiculed - This is not a catoon but an illustration from a Dutch-Islamic children's book about the life of the Prophet. This is a good example of how to depict Muhammad if you must make a drawing. Just use a calligraphic symbol. The actual scene here depict the prophet being ridiculed by the non-believing Quraish people. According to the story, they were throwing goat dung at him when he was praying and laughing at him. I could not find any reference to the artist that made the illustrations in this book…

What we learn from the life of the Prophet is that he always turned the other cheek when he was hit or ridiculed by non believers. He typically prayed for those who attacked him. Now where have we read that before?

Anyway, I guess we just have to teach the Danish population the Muhammad sign and then Jyllands Posten can find a reasonable way out of all these awful misunderstandings.

I'm not only joking here. I think it would be a lot easier to deal with other people's cartoons about one's holy figures if one would at least feel respected by them.

When I'm reading stories about the life of the prophet Muhammad to my son Goos (a non baptised white kid attending a catholic school), it always occurs to me how incredibly close islamic and christian religions are. The morals are very similar. The misunderstandings too.