Willem Velthoven

Non - Recommended Blog: Neandernews

Credit where credit's due. Even when it's a right wing blogger.

Danish imams lobbyed with spiritual leaders in arabic countries to protest against the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten publishing cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. They used more than the published cartoons only.


Pigsqueal faux Muhammad fax - This is the image of the French mechanic Jaques Marrrot imitating a Squealing Pig at the annual Pig Fest in Tier-sur-Baise, France as it was included in the portfolio of insulting images of the Prophet Muhammad. Found via NeanderNews on the site of Extrabladet .

The "cartoon" that was pointed out by imam Ahmed Akkari as one of the most offensive turned out to be a blurred news picture from a contestant in a french pig squealing contest! The comparison of the two images was published on february 6, 2006 by a newsblog called NeanderNews. This is still the best place to get an overview of this surrealistic misunderstanding.

Since that publication many news media have picked up on the story. Only very few mention that it was a blogger that had the skoop on this story. They all credit AP and many mention the name of the comedian in the original photo and obscure details of the pigfest that hosted the squealing competition. They just don't mention the blog that discovered it for them. Interesting... Maybe it's because Neandernews is a very right wing biassed blog?