Reboot 9.0


31 أيار / مايو 2007
1 Jun 2007

A conference for humans interested in globality, technology, lifestyle, sustainability, the secret life of objects, (mediated) presence and other issues tormenting mobile creatures of here and now.

Reboot9 invites you to propose topics, speakers and events.

The theme for reboot9 is "human?". A big word, but a word that saturates what's happening and all ready on a deeper level has been transcending reboot the last couple of years.
We're connecting to each others as human beings once again. We're building tools to empower humans - not institutions. We're creating new iconic collaborative human manifestations. We're finding ourselves as humans and our human voices. We're humanizing our organizations and our socities. We're reestablishing links to nature we'd long forgotten. We're looking at the world together as humans - not as consumers or workers.

Like last year there isn't a final speakers list or a black box creation model. reboot is a platform for bringing the European (and beyond) community together, a platform for conversations and relationships, a platform for sharing visions and meeting the people you never knew you'd meet.
So the platform is all yours, and this is an invitation to participate and help co-create reboot..:
- an invitation to submit topics you would like on the agenda for reboot,
- an invitation to submit pointers to interesting people you know in your country or industry that has something to contribute, and help us recruit them to come as speakers or participants,
- an invitation for your proposal to host or present if you've been doing some interesting thinking the last year or have created something that's worth sharing,
- an invitation for you to help make sure that we have the people that have open minds and are ready to make a difference at reboot. To connect Europe, to widen the community, to add perspective.

This year there's an all new collaborative site to do it on, please sign up and participate in the creation process at