book: Man Ray 1 Jan 1980

Photographs by Man Ray

105 works, 1920-1934

Rich selection of various techniques include over and under exposure, shooting through fabric, superimposing images, and zeroing in on tiny details. Photographs are divided into general subjects, female figures (mainly nudes); women's faces (including Gertrude Stein); celebrity portraits (Dali, Derain, Matisse, Picasso, and others); and rayographs, cameraless compositions created by resting objects on unexposed film.

Here is a treasury of Ray's finest photographic work, arranged in five groupings: general subjects, female figures, women's faces, celebrity portraits, and rayographs ( cameraless compositions, created by resting objects on unexposed film). Today Man Ray's individual photographs sell for high prices on the collector's market, and the original of this book cannot be found for less than $350. 105 photos, including one in color.


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