Press release June 19th, 2008

We are liquidating our library

in protest of the cultural funding stalemate

Mediamatic will give away all its books. Our library will cease to exist in protest of the impasse between the Raad van Cultuur and Minister Plasterk on cultural subsidies. We call on the public to come collect the full book collection and to take care of the cultural capital themselves. Mediamatic can no longer do it on their own.


Melancholy in the Library (before distribution) - We're having a last look into our books before giving them away on Saturday 28 June 2008. We're grateful for our friends that will take care of them. A last look in our books at the mediamatic library in PostCS, AMsterdam The days before the bookfest everything seems to be in order... Willem Velthoven

Rules for participating in the distributed library can be found here

The deadlock between Minister Plasterk and the Raad voor Cultuur on the development of an infrastructure for the arts will lead to a step back instead of forwards. While we want to innovate and develop,” states Willem Velthoven, director of Mediamatic. “I do not want to revert to 2003. Though that is what the result of all this is threatening to be. We are not going to wait around and will concentrate on the core issues. Our own library will become a luxury we cannot afford,” according to Velthoven.

That is why Mediamatic is calling on the public to come and care for the library themselves. They are calling on everyone to come and collect the books, magazines and multimedia. That can be done on Saturday, June 28th from 16:00 to 21:00 and on Sunday June 29th from 12:00 to 17:00, in the office of Mediamatic in the Post CS building, Oosterdokskade 5, fifth floor. There will also be music and a book bar.

The only condition that comes with the free books is that the person needs to register (for free) on the Mediamatic website. And that he or she must promise to lend the book to another member if she or he requests it. Thus we create a distributed library. The books and the new owners will remain accessible through the Mediamatic website.
Here is a complete overview of the rules for participating in our distributed library.

Social Network for Books

The advantage of the distributed library is that the books will be kept with love. "Because you selected the book, you can also discuss its content with the borrower or inform him or her about its premises", says Willem Velthoven, "which will create a space for contact between the individual internet users. The books will enrich the social network."

Mediamatic's collectionhas been built over the past 25 years and consists of thousands of books on new media, art, culture and design, magazines (like the cult magazine Mondo 2000) and multimedia including film registration of the first Doors of Perception conference in 1993.

For press comments, contact Willem Velthoven, director Mediamatic at +31-6 4607 8777

The consequence of the subsidy deadlock could be that Mediamatic will not receive the by the Raad advised amount of 666,000 euros per annum but a much lower amount, namely the 220,000 euros. In May 2008 Mediamatic received very positive advice from the Raad voor Cultuur 666. This cut of 70% is not related to any assesment of the work mediamatic has been doing. nor of its future plans. It's just collateral damage of a political game.

Most of the Mediamatic book collection can already be consulted at *. About 1,000 recent titles still have to be added to the database.