Making a field of interpretation for Biosolar Cells

Adam Zaretsky

15 Feb 2011

Experiments and discussion at the Waag: Would you like to experience how transgenic plants and animals are produced in order to provide for human energy needs?


Zebra (danio) with parasites highlighted - Picture found on Flickr, made by Napolean_70 .

Together with experimental bioartist Adam Zaretsky, participate in research that uncovers the emotional state of zebrafish and that of the people examining the fish.

Bioethical philosopher Hub Zwart of the Centre for Society and Genomics, biologist David Lauwrier en Huub de Groot, professor of biophysical organic chemistry, are participating in the experiment and will react on Zaretsky’s work. Are you joining?

The Wetlab -where biotech meets art- is Waag Society’s research programme which investigates the link between art and science and examines the ethics of biotechnology.

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