Erwin Elling

digital strategist, music lover & farmer's son.


erwinelling.jpg - Erwin Elling

I'm a digital strategist, music lover and farmer's son. Together with Jasper Visser I founded strategy startup Inspired by Coffee. We work with organisations to help them design and implement durable digital strategies.

Growing up on a farm I learned that whereas hard work and new tools might work this season, understanding and balancing all elements involved is key to ensure harvest for years to come.

I build on years of experience leading teams design and produce new media for diverse clients like energy company Eneco, the animal clinics of the university of Utrecht, publisher Reed Business and artists like Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon.

I am at my best where organisations, people and technology meet. I believe in team work, long-term relationships, focus on people, and technology as a tool, not a goal. I am detail-oriented and have got an urge to deliver processes and products of lasting quality.

About Inspired by Coffee

We help organisations excel in the digital age. We develop actionable strategies, enthusiastic teams and campaigns that stick. Read more about what we do on our website.

Some of our clients:
NEMO Science Center
Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision
Qatar Museums Authority
ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts
Find out more about our work on our blog!