Secure and sustainable hosting

Greenhost offers a fresh approach to ICT and sustainability and also supports various projects in the fields of education, culture and journalism.


Greenhost is involved in socially relevant issues such as sustainability and digital freedom. Thanks to our own innovations we require 70% fewer systems and we only use sustainable energy sources.

We are the only providers who don’t keep track of who you mail with and we use free and open software.

Greenhost sponsors organisations that are committed to freedom, sustainability and culture, such as Free Press Unlimited, Publeaks and De Concertzender. In 2011 we also wrote a practical guide to securing your internet traffic called ‘Basic Internet Security‘

Company Overview

Greenhost was founded in 2001 by Mart van Santen and Sacha van Geffen. As young researchers they developed a webhosting platform that was much more energy efficient than comparable systems.

We are committed to a free and open internet and the security of our users. In striving towards this goal we collaborate with a multitude of parties in the fields of: technology, journalism, culture, education and sustainability, we also develop our own software, projects and ideas.


Greenhost has more than ten years experience in webhosting. Started as a two-person operation, we have grown into a company with fourteen employees and thousands of websites.

We are constantly improving our platform, partly thanks to the feedback of our customers, many of whom are professionals. We use cloud and cluster hosting based on a storage platform. All components, such as power and internet, have multiple connections and we use two separate data centers for optimal security and up-time.

General information

Greenhost keeps a close eye on the latest technological developments. We regularly experiment with new software and programming languages so we can eventually offer them to our customers.

The Greenhost team consists of people from various backgrounds, allowing us to each approach our field of work from a different perspective. Greenhost actively contributes to (open-source) products and delivers code back to the community of open-source developers. Outside of Greenhost our employees design websites, study ICT law and/or develop open-source software.

Contact information

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