The 'it's the politics, stupid' - edition

15 Sep 2014

Join us for the next TA3M! A jam-packed evening with presentations on internet governance, gamma leaks and the secret service.


FinFisher-map -


What is this thing called IGF?
Niels ten Oever of Article19 attended the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul.

What happened and does it mean anything?
Dutch Law and secret service. Merel Koning of the Privacy and Identity Lab will argue for a change of perspective on the political debate surrounding the revision of the Dutch espionage regulations.

Gamma Leaks; what came out of 40Gb of leaked documents?
Jurre van Bergen of Greenhost ploughed through the documents leaked last month revealing the use and spread of the finfisher spy software.

TA3M is explicitly informal and open. Meaning that you are invited to hack the process, ask questions, and be critical. You are very welcome to join in if you have something you want to share or discuss.

We invite a diverse crowd from different communities developing or using technology for change. This months edition will be held at de Waag. TA3M is an initiative of OpenITP in New York. The TA3M in Amsterdam is organized by Greenhost.