Mediummatic, 5 days of alternative communication

11 أيار / مايو 2008

As part of 'Mediummatic', a series of performances and workshops in the Sleep-Inn which was open for everyone, Mediamatic presented a day full of spirituality, music and... a sleepover!

During the day everyone could visit the ‘Material spiritual installation’ by Kinga Kielczynska and Melanie Bonajo and in the evening there were singing bowls, lullabies and a pantomime concert.


Astronaut in space -

Daytime Program (11am – 5pm)

Sound scapes by Ivan Kadelburg and Mhairi Macfarlane

Sounds unconsciously scaped to create escapades in your conscious mind.
A live multi-channel sound environment in which the sound of everything becomes the sound of everything else.

Evening Program (8.30pm – 10pm)

Panthomime concert by Janneke Raaphorst (8.30pm – 7.45pm)

Sound presentation by Frank Mannens (8pm - 9pm)

Every singing bowl has its own character, tone setting and sound color. Through playing with the bowl, a continuous sound is created which resonates vibrating patterns, images and ideas in the listener. Singing bowls have relaxing and healing properties and bring the listener to where they need to be.

Chansons pour dormir concert of Marie Nuit (9pm – 10pm)

Night program and morning rituals

Everyone could stay overnight. Visitors who made a reservation for a sleeping place in the Sleep-Inn were invited to a performance friendly environment with nocturnal care. There was space for 50 people per night and sleeping bags were there to rent. Admission was free if you had a Temporary Museum Passepartout or a ticket to the Art Amsterdam.

All participants were woken up in the morning by the lovely hosts Kinga and Melanie. Breakfast was coffee tasseography, dream interpretations and a Blessing of the Day ceremony.