Our Autonomous Life?

Auditions for a cooperative sitcom

Is communal living driving you crazy?
Are diminishing housing rights getting you down?
Do you often imagine how "living together" could be different?


Sketch of GDR livingroom 'set' - By Ruth Buchanan & Andreas Muller, found on Casco

GDR invites squatters, centraal wonen residents, anti-squatters, ecological villagers and anyone who has a stake in housing issues and practices of co-living to audition for the new cooperative sitcom,'Our Autonomous Life?'.

Approximately 10 people will be chosen to participate in a 4-part weekend workshop series in September and October 2011 which will culminate in a 4-episode sitcom unfolded monthly at the final GDR exhibition (opening 5 November, 2011) and broadcast locally through RTV Utrecht.

Through sharing stories of conflict and power struggles, solidarity and creativity from their own co-living experiences, participants will take part in collective learning processes of collaborative scriptwriting, character building, gesture making and building visual and spatial design constructions. They will work with a professional production team and special guests from diverse fields such as architecture, comedy, social housing and theatre and to depict new narratives of "living together" in critical and imaginative ways in constant reflection on the co-relationships between physical building practices and practice of "building the commons".

Produced by Casco, co-conceived with artist Maria Pask and social anthropologist Nazima Kadir (who's PhD dissertation "The Autonomous life?: Paradoxes of Hierarchy, Authority, and Urban Identity in the Amsterdam Squatters Movement" was the inspiration for the project), the sitcom offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes life of a fictional communal living group (woongroep) in Utrecht. It will be filmed within the "domestic set" inside Casco's space designed by artist Ruth Buchanan and architect Andreas Müller as a translation of the GDR apartment - a site that will encourage playfully undoing and reinventing relations and affects with one another.

Audition Details

Location: Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory, Nieuwekade 213-215 Utrecht.

Prepare a brief story on your co-living conflicts including a proposal(s) of practical, spatial,imaginative and/or political ideas for creating different ways of living together.

No previous experience in TV production is necessary