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Dara Birnbaum - One of the most famous female video artists to ever have lived. Her work tried to undermine dominant ideological conventions on women. This picture was found on Art Discover.

American Video artist, born in 1946 in New York. Birnbaum's production consists primarily of video art and installations. Her videos of the late 1970s and early 1980s are variations on the same theme, all of them reinterpreting the various formats and the "language" of television using different techniques.

The central theme of Birnbaum's work is the opportunity offered by video to reconstruct television imagery using as material such archetypal formats as quizzes, soap operas, and sports programmes. Her basic technique is to arrest the flow of images, and to repeat parts thereof, until they begin to live a life of their own in repetition, and to disrupt our interpretation with texts and music. Although television employs the same technology and basically the same kind of screen as video art, Birnbaum wants to investigate, like other video artists, the differences and similarities between the viewing experience at home and when the monitor is located in a public space, such as a gallery.


Hostage - This six channel video installation has as subject the kidnapping of Hanss-Martin Schleyer by the RAF in 1977. It was made by feminist and video artist Dara Birnbaum. This picture was found on Flickr and made by Independent Curators International Dara Birnbaum

This piece of video art was made by feminist Dana Birmbaum in 1978-1979. she used appropriated images of Wonder Woman to subvert ideological subtexts and meanings embedded in television series. By: Dara Birnbaum

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