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Stangliczky Igor aka Stung. , sound/visual/craft artist residing in Belgrade, Serbia.

Stangliczky Igor aka Stung. , finished Faculty Of Applied Arts in Belgrade and besides visual art he’s playing and producing music. As Stangliczky, his style varies within experimental electro-acoustics, which is present in his compositions for various theatre shows, exhibitions, instalations, etc. Among music he composed for theatre pieces, collaboration with Katsura Kan on a butoh show lead him to more minimalistic approach in his own compositions. Now he focuses on collecting field recordings which he moulds into music pieces by recycling the sounds he captured.

As Stung. has focus towards club music. DJing and producing Breakbeat,Dubstep,Breakcore, 8bit, etc. Find out more about Stung. at >> last.fm/music/stung.

He is also an active member of bands such as Lazybag Lazyband (Low-tech/electro/blues/punk/hip-hop), Pending (electro/blues/punk/breakcore), Pay/Do (abstract electronica), Jaroslaw Kirstenowski (Lo-tech/Experimental/Noise), Aux\Vid (ambient/glitch/minimal/house) and has performed alongside Sutekh, Murcof (Terrestre), Mapstation, My Robot Friend, Swayzak, Xploding plastiX and many others.

Since january 2007. (together with Lukatoyboy) starts “improvE” series of electro-acoustic jam sessions and concerts. Also organizing & managing the Belgrade shows of originally NYC Share.global network (www.share.dj),, and recently started the club events named “Bass.exe” together with a team of almost 10 DJs playing BASS driven club music (dubstep, breakbeat,breakcore, idm, etc.).

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