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"What do you do?"
"Euh... I live, I read, I write..."
"I write about, well, art and new media and technology and how technology and culture are affecting each other – that's an interest that runs through everything I do."

Allright, some more info then.

I work for the V2_Archive.

I used to teach at Interactive Media & Environments of the FMI in Groningen, and occasionaly teach or guest lecture at other institutes, like the UvA.

I co-organize the Sonic Acts Festivals – and co-edited 4 Sonic Acts publications: Unsorted, Thoughts on the Information Arts (2004), The Anthology of Computer Art (2006) The Cinematic Experience (2008), and, the largest until now, The Poetics of Space (2010). All available at the Paradiso webshop and through

I have a blog at From that you'll learn that I love to cycle (on a racing bike).

A sort of archive of my published writing, for amongst other Mediamatic, Metropolis M and De Gids can be found at (in need of updating again. It runs up till 2009).

I studied Literary Theory at the University of Amsterdam and spent 4 years there as a PhD-student, working on American postmodernist literature. I never finished my PhD because at the time (1994) WWW and HTML were far more exciting, and I became involved with new media and the internet.

I work/worked for Mediamatic for a long time — still feel a strong connection to them.

In 2006 I was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academy, where my research on the transformation of writing amongst serious bloggers was part of Ubiscribe-research:

I live in Amsterdam, I play guitar and banjo in Oorbeek,

I am on the board of DNK-Amsterdam, the weekly concert series on monday night, now at the Smart Project Space:


E-mails to please.

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