book: Jan Rijkenberg 1 Jan 1999


Het managen van Concept-merken in het communicatiegeoriënteerde tijdperk

Rijkenberg learns entrepreneurs how they can use new products to reach new markets.

Rijkenberg calls his method "concept", but, in fact it is a way of marketing companies. The road runs from product development to brand development for concepting. So how you should market a new brand as good as possible. Rijkenberg points to possible errors during that process, pointing to the practice, which sometimes goes wrong (and why) and where it may go well.

He covers aspects such as feasibility studies, competition and communication. The whole process is mapped using a color scheme named "The evolution of business". "Concept" is an easy and enjoyable book. The nice thing about this book is also that it is only aimed at big businesses. Smaller businesses will have a lot to learn from it as well. It contains no jargon and is therefore directed at a broad audience: entrepreneurs and students in economics and management directions.


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7.2 RIJK