Somatic Intersection

Art Exhibition PuntWG, Amsterdam

3 Jun 2012
4 Jun 2012
  • 12:00
  • PuntWG
  • M.v.B. Bastiaansestraat 15 , 1054 RS Amsterdam

Art Exhibition


Somatic Intersection -

Opening time: 02/06, van 19.00-22.00
Tentoonstelling: 03/06-04/06, van 12.00-18.00 u

Somatic Intersection is a multimedia group exhibition that explores the role that physicality plays in personal experience. The physical sensations of the body inform and construct our understanding of daily happenings and act as a lens through which we experience the world. These sensations are the critical intermediary between external reality and personal experience. They are, in fact, the only way we can perceive or grasp the world around us. In this sense, the body is a container and acts as the primary physical barrier between personal entity and external reality.
The Artists in Somatic Intersection utilize various mediums to examine the relationship between somatic sensation and conception of personal experience.
The works in this exhibition explore exactly where the internal and external collide and by what means these two separate realities are mediated. The viewer is urged to focus on the corporeal experience of the art works and examine how physicality creates, shapes and translates their experience of these works.

Chloe Devine
Rick Van De Dood
Lorelei Heyligers
Duarte Castel-Branco Nunes Filipe
Riley Strom
Kamila Stehlik
Mel Shaw
Celine Manz