Pirate Cinema

The true world currency now seems to be energy and not the Dollar, Pound or Euro

Energy is based on actual assets whereas currencies appear to be have become virtual money and inspire little long term confidence. Let's swap our energy.


Pirate Cinema -

Pirate Cinema is a mobile green energy self-sufficient, DIY and recycled machine for multimedia performances and film evenings in public space. This work is a catalyst for engaged art, street politics, and people’s empowerment; an open platform for collaborations and interactions: in piratic style, up to three people pedal to move forwards, and pedal backwards to charge batteries for screening and sound-systems.

Pirate Cinema already has the ability of screening a one hour film with a normal projector of 500W and 450W sound system plus an hour of band with 800W with a battery of 550 Wh. In one of their events, Pirate Cinema used the same battery (after charging) for 5 hours of a 800W performance. The self-made pedal generators and solar panels are used for charging the batteries. A 50W solar panel can charge a 550Wh battery in about 11 to 12 hours.

Pirate Cinema currently has an office at De Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord and will be travelling to different festivals and neighborhoods in Amsterdam.