What you can swap

You could swap within the following subcategories. In other words: a dictionary for a dictionary, or a photo of your ex for a photo of someone else's ex. This may seem strict, but where there's a will there's a way - and with a little bit of imagination you could even get rid of your butterfly outfit.

1. Books

1.1 By/about yourself (even though it's only in fine print)
1.2 You never finished reading
1.3 You don't understand, but make you look smart. Nietsche, Baudrillard: be gone!
1.4 That gave you butterflies. Share your happiness.
1.5 That made you cry. Replace old tears with new tears.
1.6 On language
1.7 Dictionaries
1.8 On poetry
1.9 Travel guides
1.10 For children
1.11 On gardening. Let your green fingers flip new pages.
1.12 On cooking
1.13 On art
1.14 That are tiny. For small readers or from little writers.
1.15 That are just plain wrong
1.16 Diaries. Revelations, daily struggles or goodbyes.
1.17 Magazines

2. Massage parlor

Get or give a professional massage. Click here for more information.

3. Clothing

3.1 Pregnancy/children's
3.2 Too daring. For a second you thought you were more eccentric than you really are.
3.3 Diet pants. Size 44 for a 48.
3.4 Unisex for everybody.
3.5 Washed too hot
3.6 You cannot wear alone
3.7 Football shirts. Ajax.
3.8 That doesn't bring out the color of your eyes
3.9 Norwegian sweaters
3.10 Prints
3.11 One-time-only dresses. (Also for men)
3.12 Bright colors
3.13 Wrong. From metallic babydolls to wooly knickers.
3.14 Fake luxury. Looks like real leather, but its really not real. Could be your style though...
3.15 Your partner hates. Swapping your partner can be done, but not here.
3.16 With bad memories
3.17 You made yourself
3.18 That belonged to your grandma

4. Hairdresser

Donate your hair to make a wig for a cancer patient (25cm minimum). In return you get a short new coupe, cut by Leontine from 020 studio. Is your hair too short? Exchange a haircut for a Facebook-like. You can also become a hairdresser. Click here for more information.

5. Shoes (no holes)

5.1 Slip-on
5.2 That are almost in fashion. Good for trendwatchers, maybe, but not for you.
5.3 Heals you can't really walk on
5.4 That hurt. They are good when seated, walking is impossible. Relieve yourself of this unnecessary agony.
5.5 Sports shoes
5.6 Shiny shoes

6. Accessories

6.1 Bags
6.2 Watches (also with an empty battery)
6.3 Brooches
6.4 Bow/ties. For fancy folk.
6.5 Hat/cap
6.6 Heavy earrings. Slobbery earlobes, unite.
6.7 Skiing goggles
6.8 Sunglasses
6.9 Scarfs
6.10 That I have in abundance

7. Lonely socks (clean)

Sacrifice your lonely sock, in the hope that it finds a suitable mate. Remember, there's more to life than superficial appearances.

8. Toys

8.1 Blonde (without pulse)
8.2 Puzzles 
8.3 Blue
8.4 Green
8.5 Red
8.6 Yellow
8.7 Noisy. (Not without your children's consent)
8.8 Wind-up (spinning stuff)
8.9 Wooden
8.10 Wheeled
8.11 Games you always lose
8.12 Games you always win Are you sure?

9. Art

9.1 Beer coasters 
9.2 Unfinished business
9.3 Sketchy sketches
9.4 Children's drawings
9.5 Wall decoration
9.6 Crying Gypsy children
9.7 Sad creatures. Adopt a painted animal.
9.8 3D-art (with or without the silly glasses)

10. Vases

Vases should hold flowers, so bring something that doesn't (yet) have flowers in it. Size and material not specified.


11. Taxidermy (no holes)

Irresponsible pet-owners and glazy-eye-lovers, pay attention! You are not alone.

12. Food (non-perishable)

12.1 Unlabeled cans. For us, adventurers.
12.2 Homemade jam. (The one with a red & white checkered label gets to stand up front)
12.3 Homemade chutney. Ditto
12.4 Home-brewed beer
12.5 Straight out of the pantry

13. Seeds

Sow the seeds and let nature run its course.

14. Cosmetics

14.1 Nail polish
14.2 Perfume that no longer matches your washing powder.
14.3 Passport
14.4 Bonuskaart. You know, the one you get at the Albert Heijn. Exchange your consumption history with someone else's.
14.5 Receipts that shows you for who you really are.
14.5 Makes people look better
14.7 Pubic-hair-shaving-shapes for him and/or her

15. Photo's

15.1 You don't look good on but you haven't burned yet. Here, your head is still worth something.
15.2 Self-portrait
15.3 Of your ex
15.4 With a story
15.5 Signed by yourself or another celebrity.