Unconventional BubbleConf conference combines start-up attitude with a killer lineup

12 Oct 2012

BubbleConf, an all-new conference in Amsterdam, brings together entrepreneurial minds in tech, design, UX and business for an action-packed event that will challenge perceptions and inspire new ventures. Developer Zed Shaw, Facebook’s Philip Su and designer Juanma Teixido are just some of the international top names speaking on October 12 in the Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam.


BubbleConf - October 12, 2012. Theater Tuschinski, Amsterdam. http://bubbleconf.com

With: BubbleConf

BubbleConf is not your everyday conference. While it strives to inspire future industry leaders to face the challenges that come with launching and running a start-up, its advice and insights might at times be rather unconventional. Zed Shaw will argue that listening to business success stories won’t get you anywhere. Mike Lee, founder of Appsterdam, will call all entrepreneurs fools and Laurent Sansonetti of RubyMotion will take the audience on a journey through fear, depression, stress and joy.

BubbleConf is not only about food for thought. The conference addresses a range of hands-on topics relevant to people working in or on a startup, from storytelling in design to legal issues. Talented individuals, VCs and start-ups as well as household names like Facebook and Frog Design come together for a one-day programme that is sure to create a buzz.

Entrepreneurial spirit
The organisers of BubbleConf are as diverse as its audience. Tech start-up Phusion, design studio Teixido and innovative technology giant Nedap joined forces around their shared interest in development, design and entrepreneurship. Their no-nonsense approach to entrepreneurship even carried over into the organisation of the conference itself. In their own words, they are “bootstrapping a conference.”

BubbleConf’s design and theme are inspired by space travel, because ‘sometimes launching a successful start-up really is rocket science’. With its professional line-up and straightforward mentality BubbleConf is sure to help some of us take their next step to the stars.

BubbleConf, October 12th 2012, Theater Tuschinski, Amsterdam. More information, tickets and full line-up at http://bubbleconf.com