Buy Nothing - Swap Clothing

Sunday, November 25, 14:00 - 17:00

This weekend honours universal Buy Nothing Day and what better way to celebrate than to fuel a barter system and avoid money all together? Winter is showing its ugly head again and all of us could use a cost-efficient fashion makeover. Make someone else happy as well as yourself by exchanging your untouched favourite clothing for pieces you would rather own. Recycling wearables through exchange is a win-win deal! Click here for info about the Fashion Swap this Sunday.


Clothes Swap - Visitors swapping clothes at the Ruilen exhibition in our Mediamatic Fabriek Aleksandra Kalashnikova

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day has been celebrated by concerned citizens since 1992. It is widely accepted as an international day to observe and protest the laws of consumerism. Mediamatic couldn’t be happier in welcoming you to come and revel in alternatives to consumerism at our exhibition centered around exchange. Our motto: Buy Nothing - Swap Something.

DUF Magazine

The Fabriek will also host activities (in Dutch) by DUF Magazine - an online community and print publication for the media-savvy - starting this Sunday at 15:00. The get-together will include an introduction of DUF’s new book which is intended for writers, columnists, photographers and illustrators. There will also be a quiz, speakers, and a poetry workshop.

More information

The Fashion Swap will take place on November 25, from 14.00 t0 17.00, at Mediamatic Fabriek. You can trade free entrance for a chore like an hour of barkeeping or half an hour of vacuum cleaning. If you want to pay with money it's €5,- for a membership including free entrance for a month. Children half price.

Fashion Swap is part of Ruilen, an exhibition and series of events about swapping, from October 20 to January 6. Open Wednesday through Sunday, from 13.00 to 18.00 in Mediamatic Fabriek.