Bogomir Doringer

"Déranger" a fashion film by AVANT 16 and Bogomir Doringer

24 Feb 2007
6 أيار / مايو 2007

After presentation of "Untitled" fashion collection in Belgrade, Timothy Zaragoza and Bogomir Doringer came up with idea of 16mm film editorial. Since the show in Belgrade fashion week was already overlay of diferent issues that Bogomir is busy in his work, this film as well has reference to alienation, identity, immigration and etc.

The tittle given to this short video from which Bogomir Doringer is using only stills is "Déranger" (Deranger).
The stills from this video you may view under photo documentation.


Jelena Ilic - fashion documentation of working days in Paris by Bobby Collins


Director and camera work:
Timothy Zaragoza (AVANT 16)

Co-director and concept:
Bogomir Doringer

Philip Leff

Fashion :
Bogomir Doringer collection "Untitled" from 2006 fashion week presentation

Make up:
Petra Josso <a href=""></a>
Barbara v/d Kaaij

Bobby Collins photography, <a href=""></a>

Video documentation:
Bogomir Doringer