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"Doors of Perception 1" meet Basiliskll

Good news old-school Mediamatic fans shouldn't miss!

The "Doors of Perception 1” cd-rom was published in 1985. It was made for the first “Doors of Perception” conference, held in Amsterdam in that year. Now you can enjoy the cd-rom by simply following Mediamatic's step by step instructions.


two of the mac emulators - Joyce Chen_陳禹先

The Doors of Perception 1 cd-rom was published almost 20 years ago, and it won't play on any up to date computers. We have been trying to make it comes alive in many different ways. Finally, we managed to launch the cd-rom on an iMac G4 computer running OS7. An OS emulator can also be a good way to expand the audience for the 'Doors of Perception1' cd-rom. We've created a digital package with a simple tutorial, so now you can enjoy “Doors of Perception1

What is an emulator?

Emulators are software that help you install a different operating system within the original operating system that's already running on the computer. That means you don’t need hardware that can run the operating system you want to have, the emulator itself will simulate the hardware environment to support the installation. There are many different kinds of emulators. For example, if you want to install an MacOS using an emulator you can choose from Sheepshaver, Softmac, Basiliskll... (these are the names of emulators), but it also depends on which MacOS system and computer you want to emulate.

This package saves your time.

Setting up an emulator can be frustrating. You have to google for the correct forum, download files, install and configure it until you finally figure out how it works. There is also a possibility that you are already mentally exhausted before you find out the right way. In order to make it easier and more friendly, we made a single package with a single tutorial on a single page!'

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If you want to know more about emulators, and would like to challenge yourself in this area, we received some help from