Workshops: Ableton Live / Music Theory for Lazy Bastards with Mathieu Pé

26 Oct 2014
27 Oct 2014

About Mathieu Pé:

Mathieu Pé is a french multi-instrumentalist, Producer and Arranger based in Berlin since 8 years.
Usually known for his work within Bands like Braintheft, [trap], the Magic Touch and Brass Wood & Wires, he had the chance to collaborate with international artists such as Bitty McLean, Kaizers Orchestra, Jazzsteppa, Nosliw, Roy Ellis, Aly Keita and more.
Beside production, arranging and Live performance on the Trumpet and/or electronics, He can look back on more than 10 years experience in teaching topics ranging from Music Theory to Digital Music Production through improvisation and ear training.


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Ableton Live Workshop 26 OCTOBER / 8 NOVEMBER / 13 DECEMBER

Ableton Live is the most acclaimed tool for music production. Mastering its workflow will boost your creativity to sky-high levels wether you’re into IDM, Death Metal, Noise or Schlager (put your style here). Its incredible flexibility combined with clear interface makes it a favorite tool for Live performance as well (hence the name).
The aim of this workshop is to help all users to develop the skills that will eventually make you an Ableton Ninja.

Music Theory for lazy bastards 27 OCTOBER / 9 NOVEMBER / 14 DECEMBER

No offense intended you lazy Mofo ! Did you already feel like a little knowledge of Music principles could benefit your creativity? But every time you tried opening a textbook your motivation vanished page after page? Good news! This workshop is for you! regardless of your style of Music. It’s about demystifying Music Theory as an obscure witchcraft you can only learn after painful years of conservatory.
We will Cut short through the boring stuff to quickly get to handy tricks for you to apply in your productions right away.