lukas pressler

Innovative Citizen 2014

Aquaponics & Mycelium Workshop Dortmund

Between 27.09 and 2.10 in the 'Innovative Citizen 2014' was held in Dortmund. It operated as a hub between technology, innovation and society. Mediamatic was there for two workshops.


Compilation Aquaponics Workshop - the aquaponics workshop in dortmund.

Antoni Giandi, Saro Van Cleynenbreugel and Lukas Pressler where the keen operators of Mediamatics workshops at Dortmund.

The aquaponics workshop is an introduction about building your own aquaponics system and getting the swing out of handling it.

A mini-Aquaponic system was built and installed into full operation and we provided an introduction for the maintainance of plants and fish.

The mushroom cultivation workshop was about the basic principles of handling with mycelium. Cloning fungi, inoculation and spore prints are only a few keywords when trying to sum up the beauty and complexity of that topic. Finally, the participants had two inoculated jars of spore-infused substrates which they could finally bring to fruit mushrooms. your own mushroom cultivation.