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Portret Saro - Saro Van Cleynenbreugel

I work with Mediamatic since February 2011. At the moment I'm self employed at zone5.

I’m nifty with media and I love to be the helping hand, whenever I'm needed.

I love to explore interactivity in installations. Especially installations, which give people meaningful experiences.

Currently I'm coordinating the aquaponics project we are running, this means growing plants and fish in a semi closed system.

I also love to cook for people.

I love to do stuff with Interaction Design and Conceptualizing. The reason for this is simple, I just love it! Making things up and designing them is my thing. This is also the reason that I chose for the field of study Technology, Design and Interaction (TDI).

Commercial stuff is not really my thing, basically I think commercials are all pretty shitty and destroy all good on this planet. On the other hand, commercials for the promotion of sustainable innovations, like fair trade and organic agriculture I can live with. This is my plea ‘Commercials, not needed at all!‘ I explain my opinion further.
I prefer working on projects that evolve the consciousness on this planet. I know we can do better. We just have to realize the importance and the logic of doing so. Everywhere I come, I try to show my fellow man how this can be done. This is by being enthusiastic about the things you do. If you don’t like what you’re doing, protect yourself and stop what you’re doing. Working together is helping each other.


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