Visible Worlds

Andres Cimas (Paintings) and Elise Schouman (Photography)

6 Feb 2015
8 Feb 2015

Opening: Friday 6 February at 18:00 - 23:00.
Saturday and Sunday 7 & 8 February 12:00 hrs - 18:00.


mascaras -

Andres Cimas Ramos (Barcelona, 1979) is an artistic painter. Through his paintings he would like to invite you to step into a different world. A world where the invisible is made visible. Looking at his paintings you will feel like you get to actually enter them and are transported to a different time or space, or to a dream world where anything is possible...

Elise Schouman, (Oudega, 1986) works as an artist and makes photographic- art- documentaries, in which her focus is on small societies, which stand aside the big society. The people and the nature of these societies are the main character of her work. She is searching for the rules of our society, the manuals. An inquiry into the meaning of beauty, logic, life goals and patterns. With a poetic eye she takes the viewer into her story.