Design wonderful things

Chee Pearlman, Ben Fry, Shari Swan, Matt Webb, Bruce Sterling

Hosted by Chee Pearlman Director of Chee Company (United States)

According to Amsterdam based brand consultancy Streative every product on the market posseses 'A Life Within'. O2 approached Shari Swan to develop a design strategy - with the ultimate goal to design iconoclastic and beautiful phones based on consumer experience and insights instead of stereotypes. The result: the amazing O2 Cocoon. The story of a design process.
Shari Swan, Founder, Streative Branding (the Netherlands)

What began as a domain-specific extension to Java targeted towards artists and designers has turned into a full-blown design and prototyping tool used for large scale installation work, motion graphics, and complex data visualization. Ben Fry, who created Processing along with Casey Reas, will demo Processing, show what it can do, and ask for your help in bringing Processing to a new audience.
Ben Fry, Founder, (United States)

Products open us to experiences. Through his favourite on-screen apps and physical, plastic gadgets, from the moment-by-moment feedback in user interface to experience in product design – this session discusses how we can apply these ideas to our own projects.
Matt Webb, Engineer and Designer, Schulze & Webb (United Kingdom)

The whisper research group focuses on design for wearable or ‘holdable’ technologies. whisper is an acronym for: wearable, handheld, intimate, sensory, personal, expectant, responsive systems.
Thecla Schiphorst, Artist, Choreographer (United States)