IGNITE: Printhesis, disgust, spirituality

and 9 other ideas

21 Nov 2014

No Wednesday, but a Friday night this month. We will warm you up for the weekend with twelve inspiring ideas, projects or obsessions. From landscapes and 3D printed prosthesis to transcendental humanism. Dinner at 19:00, the first speaker will kick off at 20:00.


What is disgusting? - Research by Merel Witteman Merel Witteman


Alexandra Hunts

With her work, Alexandra Hunts focuses on the tension between man and nature, reality and fiction. She works as a sculptor who uses photography as a tool. A main theme in her work is the landscape and how the landscape should be understood today.


Verstilde Wateren - Een serie van een eendaagse reis naar het eiland Goeree Overflakkee. Alexandra Hunts

Roel Deden

When he met Lianne, who lost her left arm to bone cancer, Roel Deden started thinking about an alternative for her expensive prosthesis made of fiberglass and titanium. She liked making beaded necklaces and found her artificial arm too heavy and uncomfortable for this job. It triggered the design of Printhesis: a modular 3D-printed prosthesis with various add-ons for specific functions like fine finger work, cutting, or pinching.


Prosthetics versus Printhesis - Roel Deden developed a 3D printed prosthetics. Roel Deden

Jan Willem van der Straten

The non-believers church 'Sunday Assembly' started in London and is now rapidly starting dependances all over the world. Jan Willem is involved in the Amsterdam Sunday Assembly. They use the concept of a church service with singing, messages and silence, however you don't have to believe in god. Jan Willem is studying Theology & Religious Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is researching how the act of religion can be appreciated by those who don't believe.

Merel Witteman

Aversion has a paradoxical effect: as much as we want to run away from disgusting things, we feel attracted to them as well. Why do we want to watch movies we don’t want to see? Sniff at things we don’t want to smell? Or listen to stories we don’t want to hear? Merel Witteman has studied ways of harnessing the invitation that lies hidden in repulsion, to come to a new way of storytelling. Her research is aimed at enriching the aesthetic by triggering an aversive emotion: disgust.


A page of the book "Aversive Aesthetics" - Merel Witteman

Nicola Bozzi

In his articles and research Nicola Bozzi focuses on the changing identity of cities and citizens, according to stereotypical templates: the hipster, the gangster, the creative neighbourhood, the ghetto, ect. While analysing cities, Bozzi often discovers schizophrenic situations on the street. On the blog Schizocities he's collecting images of the city wanting to be something else.


A Kanye West poster in New York subway, turned out to be an Absolut ad. - Found on [Schizocities http://schizocities.tumblr.com/post/57613511203/this-weird-kanye-poster-in-the-new-york-city] Nicola Bozzi

Aagje Hoekstra

Aagje Hoekstra studied BA product design at the University of Arts with the project Coleoptera, a bioplastic made of dead beetles. She was inspired by biomimicry and the rapid advance insects make in human consumption. For that reason, she started cultivate mealworms, to see what positive values insects have more. The mealworms transform into beetles and she found out that the beetle's shield contains a polymer. Of this polymer she made the 'insectplastic' Coleoptera.


Bioplastic Coleoptera - Made of pressed beetle shells. By Aagje Hoekstra, 2013 Aagje Hoekstra

Gwen Thomas

Gwen Thomas is an Amsterdam-based composer, producer and singer. It’s often said that the music industry is having a hard time. Thomas believes that even in the age of digital downloads, it’s still possible for art en music to show up in a way that is magical and transformative. She created an interactive music adventure capsule, where the listener becomes the main character of the story it tells.


Music by Gwen Thomas -

With: Gwen Thomas

Leon Bouts

Transcendental Living is about living in the realization of the transcendental nature of us as a human being. For more than twenty years, Leon Bouts is practising this way of living. He researched the ideas of Frédéric Antonious, the founder of Transcendental Humanism, and discovered a relevance for today’s society; It can help us with the challenge of our secular society to speak to the spiritual nature of mankind, outside the traditional religions.


Transcendentaal Humanisme -

Remy van Zandbergen

With the 'Zeefdrukkerij' (the silk printing office) Remy shows the printing process of his own business cards. The contraption offers an imaginative look inside automated processes by allowing viewers a glimpse of each step of the printing process. Instead of hiding this process the machine has been ‘opened up’ to reveal each step so we understand where the end product comes from.


De Zeefdrukkerij - Door Remy van Zandbergen, 2014

Avinash Changa

At WeMakeVR virtual reality is utilized in ways that bring people joy, help them learn, experience amazing new things, capture and relive fond memories. Through creating a digital environment they offer a virtual experience. But in order to really understand you should try for yourself during their Demo nights. The possibilities are endless: want to walk through a fantasy castle, or explore an alien spaceship? WeMakeVR will find a way to make it happen.


Oculus VR - WeMakeVR

Yoni van Oorsouw & Manon van Hoeckel

WINTERVACHT is a small and young brand founded by designers Yoni van Oorsouw and Manon van Hoeckel. They make clothing from second hand materials (like Dutch woolen blankets and vintage curtains) that have proven and kept their quality. These carefully selected materials are washed and ironed before they are transformed into clothing. All their products are hand-made and because of the recycled materials is each a unique piece!


Wintervacht jas - Oude deken omgevormd tot winterjas door Wintervacht

Meret Muntinga

Deep Dinner Dive offers you an underground soul-curated dining experience. This means sharing lovely food with people you don't know, somewhere in a home in Amsterdam. And no, you do not know what will happen, who is coming and you can not invite your friends on Facebook. Besides meeting new people in a different way the goal of this enterprise is to raise money for a student-fund in South Africa. Meret will tell everything about this deliciously awkward experience.


Deep Dinner Dive - Dining with strangers Meret Muntinga

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First speaker at 20:00. Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Pre-sale tickets are €6,- until 14:00 on the day of the event, then they go up to €8,- (includes a 9-week Club Mediamatic membership). Tickets don't include food.


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