Brigitte Hillenaar

The Tostifabriek won the first Impact award 2015

The Art of Impact honours Vera Bachrach

On December 14, The Art of Impact granted the first Impact Award to Vera Bachrach for her role as 'impact producer' in the project de Tostifabriek: a living art installation at the Mediamatic Fabriek, which unraveled the mystery of the grilled ham-cheese sandwich by showing every step of the production process at once.


Visitors meeting the pigs - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. De Tosti Fabriek is a project part of Freezing Favela. Erik Diekstra

Debating Meat

De Tostifabriek was an idea from photographer and chef Sascha Landshoff. The living art installation let tempers run high and Bachrach played a key role in the debate about eating meat and dairy produce that broke out in the community. The Art of Impact awarded an amount of € 30,000 to Bachrach to support her next art project with social impact. 'Impact producer' Bachrach has said she wants to use the award money for a new project about canned food, by the organisation De Conserven Maatschappij.

Freezing Favela

De Tostifabriek was part of the Freezing Favela, a temporary city at Mediamatic Fabriek (our previous location). A group of designers, cooks and other makers were sharing our huge, leaky, unheated space in the Van Gendthallen. Together, this group formed the Freezing Favela. They started building the city in January of 2013 and in this way became citizens of it. In the Freezing Favela you could make tostis from scratch, bricks from old newspapers, furniture from cardboard, and cook with ingredients from the aquaponics farm.