Arjan Scherpenisse

RFID in Processing

An open source RFID library

The Hybrid Toys workshop of January 2008 gave its participants the opportunity to experiment with the possibilities of RFID. However, some of the participants, the author being one of them, were frustrated by the fact that an external perl script was used to do the actual communication with the chip, rather than a navite Processing class.


Jean-Baptiste at work in the Hybrid Toys workshop - Hybrid Toys Workshop at Mediamatic

In exchange for some RFID-enabled material (a reader and some tags), I have created such a libary for Mediamatic and the general public to use. The libarry constists of a set of Java classes which are used in the Processing application to directly communicate with one (or even more than one) reader.

More information and a download link can be found at the following address: