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Are you looking for a Muse, a Flatmate, a one–night Adventure or a Sponsor? Mediamatic dating is safe, free and open for everyone.


Mediamatic Dating - Illustration by Thomas Schats for Amsterdam Weekly . Thomas Schats

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On the right you see a random selection of dating profiles. Feel free to click around. The most effective way to browse through the profiles is by making your own. We'll connect you to the profiles that match yours best.

How to get started?

Just click on "new dating profile" at the top of this page, and follow the instructions.

You have to be a member of the website to participate. If you are not a member yet, you'll be asked to register. We'll need your name and e-mail address. Don't worry: this information won't be shown on your dating profile.

Is this an art project?

Yes. You're at Mediamatic.

Is this real?

Of course. You're at Mediamatic.

Is it anonymous?

You're free to use a pseudonym for your dating profile and even have multiple personalities if you wish! However, always remember that the internet is not the best place for keeping secrets :) Oh, and if we detect malicious use, we'll hunt you down.

What are the rules?

Just be nice. Or, for those who are less civilised: Dutch law applies, so no threats, spam, slander, kiddie porn, identity theft or other mayhem please. There are more fun ways to be naughty.

Will you sell my information?

Of course not. You're at Mediamatic.

How do I get in touch with the other daters?

If you have a dating profile, you can leave messages for others. Your real name will not be revealed.

How can I edit my dating profile?

By clicking on the pink Edit button under your profile name. It's right up there next to the social media buttons. (You have to be logged in to do this.)

Can I post my own pictures?

Yes. In edit mode, just click the grey camera icon and upload whatever you want (within reason).

How can I delete my Dating Profile?

Go to 'Contributions' in the pink task bar and click on 'My contributions'. Find your profile and click 'delete'.

How is the dating site related to the Gastarbeider Dating project?

The Gastarbeider Dating project was the reason to launch this website in January 2008. The Dating site is also part of the Mediamatic Cultural dating project. This project explores the potential of cultural organisations as social hubs.

Will the dating site remain up and running after the Gastarbeider project has ended?

Yes. We will continue to support and develop it.

Is this dating project a waste of arts funding?

We think not, for the following 3 reasons:

1: The project is sponsored by Mediamatic Lab. That makes it affordable for a small organisation like Mediamatic to develop and maintain it.

2: The money and time we do spend on it is spent well, because it's a way of seriously researching social challenges facing the arts and heritage sector. We might even come up with some practical solutions. Besides this, it's also an art project. It forces users to engage with their contemporary surroundings in a new way, challenging them to reconsider their preconceptions and discover new perspectives. Oh, and we love it for being innovative and beautiful. (Yes, that's actually 3 reasons in 1.)

3: It's an effective form of cultural marketing, because it will draw new visitors to our website who otherwise might not have known about our activities. And we like people.

I might need a little help using the website. Who can I contact?

First of all: just play around with it. You won't break anything. And if you avoid putting a picture of yourself up, or using your real name, you probably won't even harm your reputation. If you'd like some 1-on-1 advice, help or moral support, send an e-mail to: