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Portrait by Xiang Yu Yeung -

From February 2014 till May 2017 I was programme manager at Mediamatic. I like art, design and architecture and I like it even better when there is bio in front of it. 

A few projects at Mediamatic I was involved were

Biotalk; here I staged all different kinds of arts & life science projects

Odorama; a platform for olfactory design and research with Caro Verbeek

Bier Beraad about radical beer brewing with designer Henriette Waal

And workshops such as Aquaponics, Beer Brewing and Grow Your Own Materials. I was also happy to take part in the exhibition Art of Deception, the residence and workshops of Agi Haines, the Pis Project and Secretopia. 

I studied Art History at the University of Amsterdam and did my MA in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Before my time at Mediamatic I worked at Droog Design, Stedelijk Museum and Transnatural.

You can find me on Instagram.

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