Ali Watson

representing Embellish and Stichting Reckoning


Alicia f2m - This photo was taken with the ikCam during Kiki on Steroids! at Mediamatic. Kiki on Steroids! was an exhibition about transgenderism and selfrepresentation on the internet (2008-9).

EMBELLISH, (proprietor)
Dealing in art of all kinds: connecting artists, collectors and galleries to innovative and unique works, collaborations and collections. Also working in event planning and other related fields such as production and/or project management and other funky random things...


I am also currently working on the Mediamatic Travel Project that you need to check out at - very cool project connecting the under-the-radar artists and creative types from all over the world and then INVITING you to come and experience their cities as they should be seen!

Stay tuned for the upcoming MM Travel Guide distribution to all of the NL and the exhibition showcasing these talented people...