performance: Maria Mavridou, Sayaka Akitsu

Gracefully Entangled in a Whirlpool of Exchange

Performance by Sayaka Akitsu and Maria Mavridou

Sayaka and Maria included different manners of expression in their performance. They drew, sung, made rules for new games, and danced symmetrically, depending on the situation.


Swapping dreams during Museumnacht - Picture made by Rosalie Ruardy from Rosalie Ruardy

During Ruilen Sayaka and Maria created an ongoing performance on the spot, inspired by the social interaction of exchanging. In a spontaneous and improvising manner and in front of audiences, viewers and people they met, they transformed into messengers, looking for possibilities to inject a drop of their shared untamable creativity into a given situation. Exchange was a principle action in their work process.

What did they do?

Visitors were able to interact with Sayaka and Maria by giving them an object in exchange for a performance that took place inside the cardboard box you see in the photo. Gracefully Entangled in a Whirlpool of Exchange was largely spontaneous and, depending on the situation, negotiated and performed accordingly. Among other things, they collected a yellow skirt, a lighter and even a pair of red boots.

The visitors' objects triggered their imagination - becoming part of their world - merging in a Whirlpool of Exchange, together with a divergent range of objects they collected and exchanged. Deriving from colors, textures, associations the objects brought and the particular relation to other objects, Sayaka and Maria aimed to create a better circulation of objects, finding connection points between objects, the visitors and the world outside Ruilen.

Sayaka Akitsu en Maria Mavridou are both freelance performance artists based in Amsterdam. For more information on their process and work, see