wASH at Mediamatic

by Caroline Jacob

As an artist designer, my practice is oriented on material research and design emphasizing the revaluation of waste materials. In parallel with a Sandberg’s master program- Materialisation in Art and Design- I am steering a material research based on what I have called remainders - the leftovers of everyday processes. 


Caroline Jacob at (ir)Relevant Matter - Anisa Xhomaqi

For this research, I have been collecting remainders in various places all over Amsterdam. Rather than focusing on waste from large industrial manufacturing sites, I engage with local and ordinary “sites of production” for their accessibility to a wider public.

Ash, a byproduct of Mediamatic ETEN’s waste circulation, appears an appropriate conduit to tackle Mediamatic’s challenges. I revisited the material through heirloom recipes and generated a new laundry detergent. By leaching the ash I obtain lye which is highly concentrated and suitable to be used as a soap. wASH seeks to re-conceive an old habit with the aim of sharing a new understanding of local value making in the field of waste material.


wASH - Laundry detergent, ash and fresh herbs Caroline Jacob

During this two month residency, I hope to fully reevaluate the remainder and develop a product suitable for household. By collaborating with Mediamatic’s team, I hope to create a fragrance specific to the place. The extraction, the production and the transformation of the material will occur on-site within the Clean Lab. Odorama, Biotalks and Workshops are programs that will conduct to develop and communicate the project further.

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