Kool Kabbage

Winter Programme

16 Dec 2017
1 Mar 2018

It turned out to be a good cabbage-year. In fact, this year’s cabbage harvest turned out so good, there is more cabbage than farmer Krispijn can process for a fair price. What to do with a food-surplus of 60.000 kilos of cabbages? Mediamatic takes them on to survive the winter on cabbage and to question the value of our food. Join us from December to March 2018 for a variety of workshops, performances and our edible cabbage installation. 


Kool Kabbage - Mediamatic Foundation

Value and Waste

Sometimes, one harvest can be so great, it produces more crops than the average amount. If nature delivers more than what man has calculated, the food market is not evenly flexible and value doesn't adhere to nature's laws. As this uneven food market causes a glitch in our economical food system, what is the real value of our food and where does this value go? 


Making sauerkraut - Our very own Aquaponics intern Emma is doing some serious cabbage stomping to make sauerkraut. Rosalie Bak

With: Emma Aussems

Cabbage Storytelling

What is your favourite cabbage recipe? Why do Americans call coleslaw coleslaw? Why do babies come from cabbage patches? Did you know that cabbage is often used as a stomach stretcher and for the fat melting cabbage-only diet? Across the globe, people have survived on cabbage in many different ways. Keep up with our growing Cabbage Blog to learn about the first female-made film, cabbage rolls, cabbage steak, primordial sauerkraut and much more! 


A vegan dish of Alexander Gershberg - Cabbage leaves filled with rice and pine nuts. topped with edible roses.

Winter Programme

Come along and enjoy the true price of cabbage. For the entire winter, Mediamatic offers cabbage soup at cost price. Next to this ongoing batch of cabbage soup, several cross-cultural chefs share their favourite cabbage recipes at Mediamatic ETEN. Join us for advanced cabbage stacking, primordial sauerkraut making and kimchi workshops for beginners. Got a cabbage recipe to share? Contribute to our growing database of simple to high-end cabbage recipes.  


Kool Kabbage - Winter Programme
16 December 2017 - 1 March 2018
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam