Schueller De Waal


Portraits of Rens de Waal and Philipp Schueller - Photography by Kris van Loon

After several years of solitary, professional experience (Bruno Pieters, Hennes & Mauritz, Elle, Hugo Boss) fashion designers Philipp Schueller (Royal College of Art, London) and Rens de Waal (Academy of fine Arts, Maastricht) decided to join forces and explore new grounds. The urge to pair their commercial knowledge with their own creative vision led them to launch their own line Schueller De Waal. 

The SDW collections originate form an eclectic pool of inspiration, intricately combined into a bold aesthetic - merging clashing visual elements with a romantic hint of surrealism and sci-fi. Unaccustomed colors are applied in a pristine but slightly mismatching manner and teamed with a quirky mix of print, texture and embellishment. A subtle estrangement of classic clothing references, distortion of proportion and reinterpretation of design elements enriches the optimistic garments. Fanatic refinement for construction and finishing of the pieces is key.

Schueller De Waal expresses a light-hearted tongue-in-cheeck attitude towards the oversaturated fashion business. A conscious focus on visual excitement leads to our choice to offer very compact collections of wardrobe specials and accessories.


Schueller de Waal in the kitchen during Endor-fine Dining - Giulia Menicucci

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