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25-08-2018 Gotta Catch 'em All

Haeckel Biology game for Oosterdok

In the spring of 2018 we start marking the area around Oosterdok with Ernst Haeckel's oevre. This 19th century explorer, scientist, artist and educator has been a hero of Mediamatic's for a while. From now on, Expedition Oosterdok embraces him as a neighborhood icon, and his work as exemplary of the area's shared values.

One of the projects is road signage throughout the neighborhood that feature details from Haeckel's scientific illustrations. For children, there is an educational scavenger hunt. They pick their favorite image from the exhibition, and then search the area by bike, for all the details. Then, they are challenged to create a story or drawing based on the creatures they've found. The game is accompanied by teaching materials for the advanced stage of elementary school.

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