Haeckel Hunt

Weekend of Science

1 Oct 2022
2 Oct 2022

More than a century ago, biologist Ernst Haeckel and lithographer Adolf Giltch scored a hit with illustrations of the beautiful structures and shapes of micro-organisms, which you normally cannot see with the naked eye. In the book Kunstformen der Natur, they published 100 plates with beautiful drawings of mainly the smallest underwater creatures. We have spread the figures from these plates on boards around the Oosterdok.

Can you find them all? Take a walk in the area and track them down. Have you found a figure? Scan it with the app to catch it and admire it. If you have found them all, a prize awaits you in our restaurant...

Available in the App Store and Google Play store!

This Augmented Reality app adds an extra dimension to the Haeckel scavenger hunt we have set out in the Oosterdok area. Search for the eye-catching biological illustrations, admire them in AR, and reveal invisible information about the figures.


Haeckel in Augmented Reality - With the Haeckel Hunt app you can scan the biological illustrations on your phone to discover the organisms and collect them all!  Amber van de Ven

The Hunt

With the Haeckel Hunt app you search for all the signs with illustrations and collect them by scanning them with your phone. During the game you can admire the figures that appear on your screen and learn more about them by reading biological information that appears. Have you collected all the figures? Then there's a prize waiting for you at Mediamatic!


Collecting Plate 38 - Amber van de Ven

Kunstformen der Natur

Kunstformen der Natur was first published in sets of 10 between 1899 and 1904. It is not just a book of illustrations; it is the "summary of artist, sociologist Ernst Haeckel's view of the world." The book also had a major influence on 20th century art, architecture and design by bridging the gap between science and art. Art Nouveau artists in particular were influenced by Haeckel's images, including René Binet, Karl Blossfeldt, Hans Christiansen and Émile Gallé.


The Haeckel Hunt
12 years and older
Available soon in the Google Play Store and App Store
Mediamatic Biotoop and Oosterdok area, Amsterdam